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ROAD Youth Recovery is a drop-in program for individuals ages 16 – 29 dealing with mental health and/ or substance abuse issues. This unique program empowers its members by creating a youth-led and youth-voiced environment, meaning all participating members are given an opportunity to share their ideas and vote on decisions. Participants will cultivate valuable life skills, opportunities, and confidence that will aid in their overall recovery. Using the evidence-based Resiliency Theory, members are guided through a variety of activities by- youth-for-youth, including weekly topics of discussion, aimed to meet their recovery needs.



Program Director
Lead Facilitator

Founder & CEO, LOST

Rebecca started working in peer support as an advocate for mental health and addiction recovery in early 2015 and is the founder of a non-profit support organization that aids individuals suffering from mental illness. She was inspired by her own recovery to create a program that was not only accessible, but a readily available and enjoyable resource. In her experience, mental health and addictions support was lacking imagination and inspiration and did not offer patients the proper tools or environment to promote healthy living. She was able to create a sustainable environment for recovery in peer-run support groups. Rebecca currently directs the ROAD Youth Recovery program, and along with support groups offers a variety of services such as yoga, community events, and workshops. Rebecca enjoys spending quality time with all her peers and ensures that every individual receives the highest quality of care possible. 



Burlington Group Lead

Joey developed a passion for helping others solve their issues with addiction and mental illness after himself receiving the same support and guidance. He attended McMaster University in Hamilton to obtain his degree as an addiction counsellor. He uses his life experience as a catalyst to show that recovery is possible. 

Joey uses his platform, Personalize & Recognize, to support these initiatives by hosting events, private counselling, and creating awareness. He is also an addiction counsellor at Wayside House of Hamilton.  He believes that peer-run support groups are crucial for recovery as it shows that we are not alone in our illnesses and also bridges the gap in recovery services by allowing free, immediate access to support.  Joey is invested in all his peers in recovery and strives to ensure all needs are met with client focused programming.