by youth, for youth.

The support group, which is named “ROAD,” (an acronym for Recovery, Opportunity, Action, and Development), is a recovery support group for individuals 16 – 29 dealing with mental illness and/ or substance abuse challenges. The groups are drop-in, and new members can join at any time, as the groups are offered endlessly. This allows us to eliminate wait times or start dates. The group participates in 4 yearly community events and offers monthly recreational activities, such as community outings and workshops. The group is youth-led and youth-voiced which allows members to contribute their unique ideas or topics of interest. The members are encouraged to join in on these decisions to help broaden their spectrum, and introduce them to new concepts, skills, and opportunities. ROAD is a maintenance program, and your membership never expires. Just like the physical body, the brain needs to be exercised. To maintain balance and welling, it is important to continue the program even when you are feeling well.


Group meetings take place every Thursday evening from 6:30PM to 8:30PM, at the Anglican Church of the Incarnation in Oakville, Ontario.

Support groups for parents take place every other Monday evening from 7PM to 8PM, at the Anglican Church of the Incarnation in Oakville, Ontario.


Group meetings take place every Tuesday evening from 630PM to 830PM at St. Luke’s Anglican Church.