frequently asked questions.


Is the ROAD program right for me?

  • ROAD Youth Recovery is a drop-in program for individuals ages 16 – 29. Though our group focuses on recovery methods to aid individuals dealing with mental health and/ or substance abuse issues, members do not have to be diagnosed with one or the other to participate. ROAD offers a supportive community for any youth in need.

When and where are ROAD meetings?

What Does “ROAD” stand for?

  • ROAD stands for “Recovery, Opportunity, Action and Development.”
    ROAD offers an environment that "promotes recovery, creates opportunity, supports positive action, and inspires personal development."

Who can come?

  • Any individual ages 16 – 29.

What will I gain by attending ROAD support groups?

  • Members who regularly attend our groups and classes will develop a better sense of self, purpose, and community, and learn how to maintain sobriety and good mental health through practical and applicable practices.

Are there any costs associated?

  • Cost of attendance is free. This program has been generously funded by the Halton Community Investment Fund.